What is a design?

A design applies to the shape and outward appearance of an article or part of a product.

What can be protected by design registration?

  • The shape and outward appearance of an article, for example the shape of a toothbrush, car, ship, telephone or piece of furniture.
  • Parts of an article, for example the head of a toothbrush, the leg of a chair, the keypad of a telephone
  • The appearance of non-physical articles such as a screen image, typefaces and graphic symbols (You cannot register a computer programme)
  • Ornamentation, for example the pattern on a set of chinaware or the motifs on textiles and wallpaper.
  • An interior design, for example the interior design of a café or shop

Technical solutions are not protected by design registration.
If your design includes a technical solution, which you would like to protect, you will have to file a patent application as well.
Read more about patents

To get a design registration, your design must be new.



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