Applying for a design

In Norway

To register your design in Norway, you file an application for design registration to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

A Norwegian design registration provides protection only in Norway.

Electronic filing

For Norwegian residents and companies operating in Norway: for reasons of security and traceability, we recommend that you file your design application and related correspondence online via Altinn. You will receive a receipt immediately.

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Application form in PDF format

It is also possible to file your application using the form in PDF format, if you prefer.


Other forms

You will find the following forms in PDF format on the page Forms in PDF format:

  • Design Renewal
  • Change of name and address
  • Other amendments to the register
  • Notification of change in ownership/merger
  • Power of Attorney
  • Notification of a license

Applying for design registration abroad

If you wish to protect your design abroad, you must apply directly to each individual country. If you wish to apply for protection in many countries, it is easier and cheaper to submit one international application via the Geneva Act or apply for a Community Design.
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Alert Self-Service helps you set up and follow your competitors in the fields of patenting, trademarks and designs
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Send application/ correspondence online via Altinn.

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