Forms in PDF format

Trademarks: forms on this page are available in PDF format

These forms (with the exception of the Application forms) may be submitted electronically via Altinn. Information concerning these forms is only available in Norwegian.
Link to online filing of applications and correspondence
(link goes to Altinn and new window opens)

If you wish to send the form directly to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), fill out the form, take a printout, sign it and send it to one of NIPO's official addesses, or official fax number. The forms cannot be saved.
NB: Do not send forms and documents to specific staff members or to the Information Centre.

Official addresses:

Postal address:
Norwegian Industrial Property Office, Post Box 8160 Dep, N-0033 Oslo
Fax: 22 38 73 01

If you send the form to our e-mail address, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Only when you have received this, can you be sure that your e-mail is registered with us.


To ensure that NIPO has received all the details necessary to process your application, it is important that you use the latest version of the forms on this page. Each form has a separate set of notes to guide you.

Forms in Norwegian

Forms and Notes are only available in Norwegian.

Application to register a trademark
(If you apply via Altinn do not use this form).

(versjon 1.3)


Application for renewal of a trademark
NB: The form is no longer in use.
Change of name and address   Form 
(versjon 1.0)
Link to international registration form (Madrid Protocol)
Form MM2(e)
(on WIPO's web site)
Application to register a hallmark  Form
(versjon 1.0)
Other amendments to the register
(versjon 1.1)

Forms in English

Notification of change in ownership/merger Form 
(version 1.0)
Power of Attorney Form 
(version 1.0)
Notification of a licence Form 
(version 1.0)