Changes in fees for international patent applications (PCT)

Due to amendments in international fees WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has changed the fees payable for international patent applications filed under the PCT.

The new amounts apply from 1st January 2012.

The following fees have been changed:

  • International filing fee: from NOK 8690 to NOK 8520
  • Search fee: from NOK 14 350 to NOK 13 890
  • Fee reduction for international patent applications filed using PCT EASY: from NOK 65+ to NOK 640

Reduction in application fee for electronic filing of international patent applications. In addition the following fee reductions apply from 2nd January 2012 for international applications filed with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office as Receiving Office and using eOlf og PCT-SAFE software:

  • Filing XML files in non-character coded format: NOK 1280
  • Filing XML files in character coded format (incl. application form, description, claims and abstract): NOK 1920

See also Fees for filing PCT applications

You will also find more information on the WIPO website:



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