What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol distinguishing your goods or services from those of others.

A trademark can consist of all kinds of symbols and must be reproducible in graphic form.

A trademark can consist of words and combinations of words (for instance, slogans), names, logos, figures and images, letters, numbers, sounds, and moving images, or a combination of these. 

Some examples:

  Figures, e.g. the butterfly from Kari Traa AS



Word marks, e.g. Freia og Bik Bok 


  Combined marks contaning words and figures, e.g. Solo label

"Rent mel i posen"



Slogan, e.g. "Rent mel i posen"
(Lunch Box AS)

  Three dimensional marks (goods accessories), i.e. the shape, accessories and packaging for a product, can also be registered.
(Henkel KGaA, Germany)



Letters and numbers, e.g. 4711 and IBM

  Moving image, e.g. this has been registrered in Denmark for hospital beds (see http://www.vendlet.dk/)
    Sound mark, e.g. Dolby.





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