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Warning against misleading invoices

Private citizens and companies in Norway receive from time to time misleading invitations and invoices in connection with their trademark and patent rights.

Many mistake these invoices for geniune requests for payment of fees for the registration of patent applications, or for the registration or renewal of their trademark.

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) would like to emphasise that such invoices have no connection with us, nor do they have any value as payment for industrial property rights in Norway, or anywhere else. Only NIPO and any patent agent you may have may claim payment of fees for patents and trademarks.

NB: Please note that details concerning trademarks, patents and designs are publicly available. It is therefore possible to use patent databases around the world to find background information for formulating false or misleading invoices.

Companies sending out misleading requests

Some of the companies responsible for sending misleading requests and invitations aimed particularly at trademark and patent owners are listed below in the order we have received information concerning their business (the most recent at the top).


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