E-mail and spam filter

Please be aware of the risk that your email will end up in our spam filter.

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office receives large amounts of spam mail every day and has a spam filter to handle this. It is important to be aware of the risk that an e-mail to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office may end up in the spam filter, especially if it is sent from an address that is unknown to our system.

Automatic confirmation

If your e-mail passes the spam filter and reaches our e-mailbox (post@patentstyret.no), you will receive an automatic confirmation of this. You can be sure your email is registered with us once you have received such a confirmation.

Applications and correspondence should NOT be sent directly to a case officer.

Use Altinn

To be sure of your delivery date, and to ensure that your letter is traceable and arrives safely, we recommend all our customers to use Altinn for electronic filing of trademark, design, or patent applications, and other documents relating to such rights.

It is specified in the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's Regulations on Fees, Chapter 1 how such electronic filing can be carried out and how to calculate the filing date when filing online.

Link to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's electronic services at Altinn

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