Corona virus

Coronavirus and NIPO's services

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) is maintaining normal operations for customers applying for rights or needing help during the coronavirus outbreak.

Latest update: 21 February 2022

Customer Service Centre 

Contact our Customer Service Centre. Some of our services will be carried out by staff working from home. We will call you back if we are unable to take your call immediately.

Regulations and deadlines at the NIPO

The NIPO will implement those measures we can to support rights applicants and attorneys affected by the situation, as far as is possible within the legal framework.

Deadline extensions
On 13 March 2020, the NIPO gave internal instructions to our employees to grant a deadline extension to persons requesting this, due to Covid19. The instructions apply to deadline extensions in the application process and to correct formal errors.

For designs and trademarks, an extension of at least two months will be granted. For patents, a two-month extension will be granted. The NIPO must have received the request for a deadline extension before the deadline expires.

The instructions apply only to deadlines set by the NIPO. This means that they do not apply to deadlines determined by laws and regulations.

  • Examples of deadlines determined by laws or regulations are priority deadlines, deadlines for resuming case processing after the rejection of an application and all deadlines for payment of fees during the examination process.
  • Examples of deadlines set by the NIPO, and which are thereby covered by the instructions, are deadlines for responding to statements made by the NIPO, or for responding to statements from other parties in cases of opposition or administrative review.

Re-establishment of rights
If you have failed to meet a specific deadline and have lost your application or granted/registered right, you may request re-establishment of your right. It will be sufficient to state briefly that not meeting the specific deadline was not deliberate, and that it is due to Covid19. In such cases, the NIPO will then take this into account without any further questions.

For the NIPO to be able to re-establish your rights, there are certain deadlines that you must adhere to. Read more about the deadlines

Our courses and seminars

Most of our courses will continue to be run as direct webinars.
See the course calendar for updated information.

Corona news from other IPR authorities

See EUIPO website (EU trademark and design authority) 

See EPO website (European Patent Office) 

See WIPO website (World Intellectual Property Organization)
Information on international systems for patents (PCT), trademarks (Madrid Protocol) and designs (Hague System)

Corona news from Norwegian authorities

Altinn (internet portal for digital dialogue with public agencies)

Business Compensation Scheme

Measures for employees of the NIPO

We follow the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's recommendations and measures, as decided by the government and the Oslo municipality. Our employees will be working from home unless they need to be present on our premises for service reasons.

Contact our Customer Service Centre if you have any questions.

Thank you for your feedback! If you need an answer, call +47 22 38 73 00 and talk to our Customer Service Centre.
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