Amendments in the Norwegian Patents Act come into force 1st of July 2019

25th June 2019: The amendments to the Norwegian Patents Act, the Patent Regulations and the Regulation on Fees will take effect from 1st of July 2019. There will also be certain amendments to the Trademarks Act and the Designs Act.

The main amendments concern new criteria for re-establishment of rights after failure to meet a deadline for patents, trade marks and designs.

Further, for patents, the deadline for requesting re-establishment of rights after failure to meet deadline for payment of annual fees for patents is extended with six months. Upon certain conditions, it will also be possible to re-establish priority when the deadline for claiming priority from a previous patent application has not been met.

Other amendements will have an impact on administrative patent limitation, administrativ review and the deadline for expanding the scope of patent protection by altering the claims before grant.

For designs the requirement that the name of the designer is listed in the design application will be deleted.

More information in English will follow.

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