Norwegian Industrial Property Office

The primary role of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) is to promote innovation and value creation.

NIPO is a government authority organised under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

NIPO contributes to competitiveness and helps to strengthen Norwegian trade and industry in various ways. We provide knowledge and expertise concerning intellectual property rights and values, enabling businesses to secure their investments, their competitive position and create economic growth in Norwegian society. We are active partners for research and development, innovation environments and the business sector - in addition to the role as government authority.

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NIPO's purpose

NIPO handles applications for patent protection, and for trademark and design registration. We offer courses, seminars and lectures on the importance of intellectual property rights, and how they can be protected and utilised to create value. We also carry out a variety of preliminary search services. We provide our customers with information on technological developments within a specific technical field, and we give prior assessments of ideas for patenting, trademarks and designs.

NIPO is a partner in Nordic Patent Institute, and as such acts as International Searching Authority for patent applications within the international system PCT. Nordic Patent Institute also carries out various patent searches and analyses for foreign companies.

What we can and can not help you with

Our Customer Service Centre and examiners are here to help you, but there are some things we unfortunately can not help you with.

At NIPO we make a distinction between guidance and counselling. See an outline of what we can and can not help you with. 

NIPO's vision

"Gjør ideer til verdier" - turning ideas into assets. Our vision touches the core of our activities. It refers both to the business side of intellectual property, and to a broader, collective perspective. This phrase can also be interpreted as a call to action for our customers.

NIPO's values

NIPO has four basic values that should characterize our daily work and the choices we make. These values help us to keep our vision alive, be committed to society and reach our goals. We work actively to live up to these values, and regularly ask ourselves and our customers if we are acting in accordance with them. We must be:

  • trustworthy
  • customer oriented
  • committed
  • solution oriented
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