Quality policy

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office aims to be an effective and customer-friendly centre of competence that grants robust rights to Norwegian and foreign businesses, enabling them to increase profitability from their intangible assets. By focusing on the needs of the business sector, we deliver good services that help customers in their markets. This means that we make correct decisions and deliver on time, that our customers and third parties are satisfied, and that we carry out the job in a cost-effective manner.

We use customer feedback as input for continuous improvement of our processes and services. We respond promptly to customer enquiries and use a language that customers understand. We work for sustainable development in business and social life, and for intellectual property rights to be well known and used in innovation and business development.

In order to deliver relevant, high-quality services the Norwegian Industrial Property Office depends on committed and competent employees, and a culture characterised by openness, learning, sharing and inclusion. This is achieved, for example, by having clear leaders who emphasise the needs of customers and society, who help prioritise tasks, and who motivate, inspire and create trust.

Overall, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office is an enthusiastic partner for increased innovation and value creation.

The Quality Manager is Siri Leander.
If you wish to speak with her, you can contact our Customer Service Centre.

Thank you for your feedback! If you need an answer, call +47 22 38 73 00 and talk to our Customer Service Centre.
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