Reports concerning intellectual property rights

Patent landscape analysis

A patent landscape analysis maps the freedom to operate around a particular technology, nationally, regionally or globally.
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Conference Proceedings

Green technologies and renewable energies - innovating and patenting 
- Proceedings of the conference, 20 November 2018, Oslo, Norway (PDF)

IPR-intensive industries and economic performance in Norway (2011-2013)

Contributions to gross domestic product (GDP), employed persons, trade and other indicators have now been determined for IPR-intensive industries in Norway, using the ranking of IPR-intensive industries found for EU countries. (IPR = intellectual property rights). Data for the years 2011-2013 were used.
Executive summary (PDF) 
Complete report (PDF)

Background EU studies: Studies covering the EU countries have looked at the contributions to GDP, salary levels and the number of employees in IPR-intensive industries. IPR-intensive industries are defined as those having an above-average use of IPR per employee, as compared with other IPR-using industries.
The EU-studies were published in 2013 (EPO and OHIM, 2013) and 2016 (EPO and EUIPO, 2016). Both reports are in PDF format.


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