What we can and can not help you with

Our Customer Service Centre and examiners are here to help you, but there are some things we unfortunately can not help you with.

At NIPO we make a distinction between guidance and counselling.

By guidance, we mean the information we can give you about patents, trademarks and designs, and what characterises them. Our staff can give you an overview of what opportunities exist, how to apply for rights and what it may mean for you and your business. 

By counselling, we mean providing concrete suggestions on what you should or should not do, giving advice concerning different types of strategies for managing your patents, trademarks or designs. This type of advice lies outside our mission as a public authority. If you need advice, contact a law firm or a patent agent. These are professional advisors who know the field and can help you in using and enforcing your intellectual property rights.

Examples of what we can not help you with:

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