Working for us

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office is the perfect place to work if you relish challenging tasks, a good professional and social working environment and flexibility in everyday life.


Development opportunities

We have around 250 staff. Lawyers and graduates in science and technology (bachelor/master of science or equivalent) represent the largest professional groups. We also have staff in the areas of communication, economics, IT, HR, sales and marketing.

We have a special programme for new recruits, which includes basic training, a buddy scheme and professional guidance. We are committed to developing our employees by drawing up individual development plans, and we provide opportunities for courses and continued professional development. We maintain broad cooperation with various international organisations, providing opportunities to travel abroad and attend conferences and meetings.

We focus on good leadership and work continuously and purposefully to develop our managers at all levels.


We have newly refurbished premises centrally located at Sandaker in Oslo, with interesting shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants and attractive parks in the immediate vicinity. We have our own canteen, a gym and company sports teams.


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