Three NIPO employees chatting
Photographer: Beate Willumsen

Work with us

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) is the workplace for you if you enjoy challenging work tasks, a good professional and social working environment and flexibility in everyday life. Join us in turning ideas into assets.


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Why work with us?

Our vision is to turn ideas into assets. We do this by helping Norwegian and international businesses, inventors, designers and brand builders to create, secure and manage their assets and rights in a professional way.

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) has a variety of positions within different fields of expertise. Our employees are knowledgeable, friendly and happy to share their expertise with colleagues and customers. We provide you with the opportunity to continually use and develop your professional skills, with qualified guidance from managers, and collaboration with colleagues.

Highly qualified, committed and satisfied employees, high customer satisfaction and varied work tasks make the NIPO one of the best workplaces in Norway.

We provide flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home. Diversity in the organisation is important to us, and we have an active policy of including people with disabilities or gaps in their CV.

Opportunities for development

We have about 265 employees with a high and broad level of professional competence. Lawyers and graduates in science and technology (Bachelor/Master of Science or equivalent) make up the largest professional groups, in addition to employees in case processing, archives, communication and marketing, finance, IT and HR.

To ensure that we have the right type of competence in the years ahead, the NIPO is constantly looking for new employees with relevant experience.

We maintain a broad collaboration with various international organisations, which provides opportunities to participate in international networks, conferences and meetings. Many of our employees collaborate with external actors and give lectures for businesses and students.

We focus on good working relationships for all our staff, and work therefore continuously and purposefully to develop employees at all levels.

We have had positive results when employing apprentices in the fields of ICT and media graphics. The apprentices have been able to try their hand at a variety of tasks and have enjoyed working at the NIPO.

Pleasant and central premises

We are centrally located in pleasant premises at Sandaker in Oslo, with shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and attractive parks in the immediate vicinity. We have our own canteen, facilities for lectures, a gym with wardrobe facilities, our own employee library and good parking opportunities for bicycles, motorcycles and cars.We are moving to new, beautiful premises at Valle in Hovinbyen in 2024.

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