Snowshoes by FIMBULVETR®
Photo: Jenny Solem Vikra


"Safeguarding rights is a necessary tool with which to protect the innovation and tell the world that this is a completely new way of producing snowshoes."

Snowshoes have been used for more than 6000 years as a means of getting around when snow won't take a person's weight. Existing snowshoes typically consisted of many parts that could disintegrate, that felt loose and that hampered movement.

As dedicated winter enthusiasts, we decided to develop snowshoes completely from scratch. The outcome was FIMBULVETR® – a snowshoe unlike any other in appearance, experience and function. The fundamental idea is the integrated ALL DIRECTION HINGE®, which provides greater freedom of movement. FIMBULVETR® has been developed through cooperation between product designers, plastics experts and strategy developers. The product is also supported by Innovation Norway and the SkatteFUNN project of the Research Council of Norway.

Christian Brunsvig, Chairman of the Board of Snowmotion AS

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