Cycling gloves


With innovative solutions in hand protection, Granberg AS is poised to become of the world's leading glove manufacturers. To keep competitors at bay, the products are given design protection and trademark registration.

Granberg AS is a leading brand manufacturer of gloves for industry, the food sector and healthcare, with production in several countries and with a world-wide market focus. The firm was established in 1961 and is headquartered at Bjoa, near Haugesund. Group turnover exceeds NOK 200 million.

We develop our products continuously, so that they are adapted as well as possible to market demand and the requirements our customers specify.

Our products are backed by significant input in terms of both time and resources. Graberg's product development team attach great importance to creating smart designs combined with optimal ergonomics.

Design protection safeguards us against our competitors making something that is similar to our product. Trademark registration protects the name and the conceptual framework we use for the products. Ultimately it's a matter of protecting an edge in the market we have worked hard to achieve.

We have largely carried out the application process ourselves. It's principally a cost issue, but the application process is also quite straightforward. There are in addition some good online guides.

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