Machine shows so-called thermal spraying

Seram Coatings

“For us, it is crucial have special patent protection so that we are more strongly placed if anyone manages to copy our product”.

Seram Coatings AS originates from NTNU, and was established in December 2014 to commercialize the invention ThermaSiC. It is a powder based on silicon carbide (SiC) that turns into a wear coating by so-called thermal spraying. Many people have tried to make such a powder based on SiC, but no one has succeeded until Nuria Espallargas and Fahmi Mubarok did it at NTNU.

ThermaSiCs are resistant to wear, corrosion and temperature, and therefore have a wide range of applications, such as aluminum production and glass production. In addition, low weight and great strength make the product interesting for space applications.

The inventors nominated for the European Inventor Award
The European Patent Office (EPO) honors inventors who, through ground-breaking innovation, improve lives, advance technology and create jobs. The invention of Nuria and Fahmi is so groundbreaking that they, together with two other candidates, were nominated for this prestigious award in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022.

See more information about the nomination and the award on the EPO's website

Nuria Espallargas is currently a technology entrepreneur, professor at NTNU and sits on the board of Seram Coatings. Fahmi Mubarok is Associate Professor at ITS Surabaya and has a small position in the R&D department of Seram Coatings.

Patented in several countries

ThermaSiC is patented in a number of countries, and they have recently applied for a patent for a new invention. NTNU started the process of patent application and did a lot of work itself in close partnership with Dehns in the UK. Seram Coatings has continued its work with Dehns and also holds regular conferences with NTNU TTO's patent experts.
Seram Coatings wants to drive further product development, and they have started a number of long-term test projects, each of which can give the company great commercial opportunities. They have invested over NOK 8 million in test equipment for thermal spraying, including the apparatus used industrially to make coatings from the powder.



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