Packs of Smartfish juice-based Omega 3 emulsions


«As a small company, we find that we have far great negotiating power through patented technology. This provides us with a far firmer foundation on which to invest in our products and therefore also to further develop the business.»

Smartfish is a biotechnology company that develops, documents and commercialises juice-based Omega-3 emulsions. Smartfish has several beverages on the market intended both for special medical purposes and for sportsmen and women to boost recovery and the immune system. The beverages are rich compositions of fish oil, natural antioxidants, whey proteins, fibre and vitamins.

Smartfish has applied for patent protection for its products and technology continuously since 2001 and has good and close cooperation with Zacco Norway.

Patents: The company today has a strong and extensive portfolio of patent families, with patents granted in all parts of the world, including the United States. The company has been granted 21 patents to date, and a further 47 applications are pending. The granted patents are principally 'compositions', meaning that they cover our formulations. This also provides us with strong and important protection, because it means that no one else is allowed to make the same product. Smartfish works systematically on research and development, and has done so for many years. Patenting is regarded as an important and necessary part of this work, and is confirmation that what we do has innovative merit and yields surprising results.

Trademarks: Smartfish today has rights to three trademarks registered in countries around the world. There are currently 50 approvals/registrations for these. The trademarks are used on the commercial products Smartfish has on the market. Trademark registration is an ongoing process for Smartfish, as we are always looking to achieve protection for relevant brands.

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