Benches from Vestre at Aker Brygge


Vestre is an innovative furniture producer that has great respect for the rights of its designers. No one is to be allowed to take a free ride on the work of others. The most effective way in which we can prevent illegal imitations is to register designs and trademarks for all products.

Vestre is an innovative producer of furniture for towns, parks and public spaces. The firm has helped create social meeting places for millions of people for almost 70 years. The products are built in Norway and Sweden with first-class materials and with consistent quality that provides trouble-free use for many years ahead.

The firm cooperates with several Scandinavian designers, and has won a large number of design awards.

Norwegian producers should not compete to be cheapest. Instead, we can offer the world the best design, best quality and longest product life. For that very reason it is important that we look after our intellectual property rights and do not condone anyone trying to break the rules.

Vestre has obtained design and trademark protection for large parts of its collection, as well as the firm's logo and name.

Vestre previously dealt with the application process and follow-up itself, but in recent years it has been assisted in this by a firm of consultants.

The furniture producer applies for design protection for all its new products, and trademark protection when possible. This has proved to be a good investment.

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