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Norwegian Industrial Property Office registers trademarks, designs and patents in Norway.

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Get exclusive rights to a trademark for your goods and services.
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Get exclusive rights to the appearance and form of the product you have designed.
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Get exclusive rights to your invention. A patent is a practical solution to a technical problem.

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27 Sep. 09.00–10.00

The power of green technology

A breakfast meeting about innovation-driven sustainability based on facts from our patent landscape analysis, and how to deal with legal issues. Avoid the pitfalls when launching products and services. Learn about how intellectual property rights are connected to green technology and sustainability, and what challenges and possibilities companies are facing.

05 Oct. 09.00–10.00

Spørretimen - oktober 2022

Patentstyrets eksperter svarer på dine spørsmål om patent, varemerke og design. På grunnleggende nivå.

12 Oct. 08.45–10.30

Frokostmøte for IP-praktikere og administratorer

Vi fortsetter suksessen fra tidligere år og inviterer til det årlige frokostmøtet for deg som jobber med formalia ved patent- varemerke- og designsøknader.

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