Alert is a free tool for those interested in innovation. Here you have the opportunity to monitor other people's activities around patents, trademarks and designs. You can also use the tool to follow progress in your own case.

If you wish to follow the activities of particular innovators, or activity in specific subject areas or cases, you can easily set up an alert that monitors your interests and reports any activity.

Some examples of what Alert can help you with:

  • Receive information about what your competitors are doing in the patent, trademark and design area.
  • See what is happening in a particular case: receive notification of correspondence, objections, status changes for applications, decisions, renewals and when the next fee is due for payment.
  • See what is happening in a particular technical field: receive notification of new players/ competitors, new trends, new applications.

To set up an alert, you start with a search in the search service. The hit list gives you the opportunity to set up an alert.

Emails from our Alert Service are sent from

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