Apply for design

To apply for design registration in Norway, you must file an application to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). We recommend that you read the eleven sections below before you click on the green button at the bottom of the page "Start design application".

2. Why register a design?

Developing new products requires time and investment. It is often the design or appearance of a product that distinguishes it from other products. The design may therefore be of great value.

Get a head start in the market

By registering your design you receive exclusive rights to exploit it commercially. Should you end up in a conflict, you will have a stronger case if your design is registered.

Registering your design is important because it enables you to document your exclusive rights, and can:

  • increase your competitive advantage and improve the possibility of earning money from your design
  • help you achieve a greater market share
  • give you a sound basis for entering into sales and licensing agreements with others.
  • make your business more attractive to partners and investors
  • help to prevent conflicts
  • be used as evidence in a conflict