Classification design

Designs are placed in different classes according to the type of product shown in the images included in the application.

We use the international system "Locarno Classification" for classifying designs. This is an international system for classifying designs into classes.

If you know what class your design belongs to, you can write this in the application form. If you do not know this, you can leave this field empty. If you record the wrong class, we will fix this for you. The class involves no limitation of the scope of the registration, it is only an administrative tool to organize our registers.

We will place the design in the class that we believe is the correct one, without first asking you or your representative to approve this. We will however contact you or your representative, if we are in doubt about which class is the correct one. 

Link to the Locarno Classification on the WIPO website (World Intellectual Property Organization):

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