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«Name Search» is a search service that makes it easy for you to check if a domain name, company name and trademark are all available - all three in one search.

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There is a lot to bear in mind when starting up a new business. You may need to register a domain, a company name, and a trademark.

The order in which you register these names is important. Register the domain first, then the company name and finally the trademark. Name search will help you to do this in the correct order and help you to limit the likelihood of name conflicts and name snatching.

Other ways to check out a name

  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office Search Service. Here you will find all Norwegian trademark applications and trademark registrations. This search service is free and open to all.
  • Preliminary Search Services. The Norwegian Industrial Property Office performs quick and reasonable preliminary searches for you and can also evaluate the results. Preliminary searches are confidential and may be useful regardless of whether or not you file an application for trademark registration. This is a paid service. Read more about preliminary searches.
  • Business Name or Company Name. You can check these on the Brønnøysund Register Centre website (in Norwegian)
  • Domain name. You can check these on Norid's website
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