Apply for a patent in Norway

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Application process

  1. 0 month

    Write and send application
    The application must contain:

    • A detailed description of the invention
    • Patent claims defining the protection of the invention
    • Application form with title, name of applicant, name of inventor, etc.

    The NIPO checks formal requirements if the application fee is paid. If the application contains formal defeciencies, you will receive a letter from the NIPO with a short deadline to rectify these.

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  2. 5-7 months

    First assessment of application

    Within 5-7 months you will receive a letter stating whether or not the application can be granted. We assess the application's description and patent claims, and compare these with any prior art we have found when examining the application. We give you a deadline to rectify any deficiencies in the application.

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  3. Reply within the deadline
    When you reply the first time, the application may already be approved for granting if all of the requirements have been met.

    If you have corrected all the defeciencies in the application, your patent may be granted if you so wish.
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  4. <12 months

    Apply in other countries
    Do you intend to apply for patent protection for the same invention in other countries? If so, you must do it within 12 months to keep the same filing date as your Norwegian application.
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  5. 18 months

    Your application will be published 18 months after the filing date. This means that the application and all correspondence in the case will be made publically available for everyone all around the world. If you withdraw your application before this deadline, the application will remain secret.
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  6. Patent
    If the invention is patentable and the formal requirements concerning the application are in order, the application is granted a patent. Your patent is published and shared with the whole world!
    Read more on the page "You have acquired a right"

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