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8. Patent in other countries?

A patent granted in Norway is only valid in Norway. This does not prevent others from implementing the invention in other countries. If it is important to protect your exclusive rights to the invention outside Norway, you must apply for a patent in other countries or regions.

Once you have filed an application to Norway, your filing date may also apply for applications to other countries or regions if you apply within 12 months of your application in Norway. This gives you so-called "priority" from the first application. If others have applied for a similar invention during this 12-month period, your patent application will have "earlier priority."

We advise you to seek professional assistance if you intend to apply for a patent outside Norway, as there are many formalities and absolute deadlines to relate to. It is often not enough to obtain a patent only in Norway. A professional advisor can provide good advice far beyond what the NIPO is able to offer.

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