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10. What does it cost?

Private individuals and small/medium-sized companies (SME), i.e. less than 20 full-time employees (or equivalent), are entitled to a reduced application fee. See the table below.

If the patent is granted you must also pay a grant fee and annual fees in addition to the application fee.

List of fees (link to price liste)

An example of prices to NIPO:

  • An application is filed.
  • Description, patent claims and drawings - a total 25 pages.
  • 14 pages are included in the grant fee.
  • There is a list of 16 patent claims, and all the claims concern the same invention, but with different methods of implementation, as well as variants.
  • 10 claims are included in the application fee.
  • During the processing of the application the applicant submits new claims,  and there are 17 claims when the patent is granted.
For the application process:  
Application fee less than 20 full-time employees: NOK 850
Companies with more than 20 full-time employees (or equivalent):  NOK 4650
Additional fee for each claim over 10: NOK 250 per claim: 6 x 250 = NOK 1500
1 extra claim added: NOK 250
Patent granted:   
Grant fee: NOK 1200
Additional fee for each page over 14: 11 extra pages 11 x 250 = NOK 2750
Annual fee for the first three years: NOK 2100
Total: NOK 8900

Resumption and shelving:
If you do not answer within the deadline given by the NIPO, and must resume the application, you will have to pay additional costs.

NOK 550 first time
NOK 1950 second time and later
Annual fees  

After this you must pay an annual fee to maintain your exclusive right:

4th year = NOK 1350 steadily increasing to the 20th fee year of NOK 6500.


A patent can last for maximum 20 years from the date of filing. (The only exception is for medicines which can last an additional 5 years due to a special scheme).

If you are using professional help, the cost will depend on how much assistance you need, and the prices determined by the patent agency or attorney. 

Link to adviser database at (in Norwegian)

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