Deadlines - patents

It is very important to comply with deadlines throughout the examination process for your patent application.

Important to comply with deadlines

It is very important that you comply with the deadlines stated in letters from us. This applies to both replying to letters and to the payment of fees and charges.

When you receive a letter from us asking you to correct a deficiency or explain something that is unclear, you will be given a time limit for answering. This time limit may vary depending on the subject concerned and where your application is in the application process.

If you do not respond within the time limit the application will be shelved. If you correct the deficiency within 4 months from the expiry of the time limit, and you pay a late fee, we will continue processing your application.

If you have not complied with the deadline, you may in some cases, request that your application be taken up for processing again. Read more about the possibility for further processing.

Not able to comply with the deadline?

If you find that you do not have time to reply to letters from us within the deadline, you can request an extension. It is important that the letter asking for an extension of the deadline is received by us before the original deadline expires.

You will automatically receive an extension of two (2) months without us responding to your request. However you are yourself reponsible for complying with the deferred deadline. You can receive an automatic extension twice (2) for one application. We will notify you if we can not give you an extension.

Deadline extensions can be given in exceptional circumstances if there are "special reasons".

NOTE: It is important to note that we do not grant deadline extensions when asking you to correct formal requirements in your application.


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