Expedited examination of a patent application

If, when applying for a patent, you have a particular need for faster processing of your application, you can send a request to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) outlining the reason for your request.

Examples of grounds for such a request:

  • you are negotiating with an investor who requires a written opinion before investing in your invention
  • you are in negotiations concerning a licensing agreement
  • others have wrongfully begun to exploit your invention
  • you wish to file an application internationally and need several written opinions before the priority year expires

We will assess requests concerning expedited examination in each individual case.

Send your request to post@patentstyret.no

International application - PCT

You may ask NIPO to start processing the international application for the national phase before the deadline of 31 months expires, and before the extra deadline of four months.

A condition for doing this is that there is an International Preliminary Report on Patentability (IPRP) available. In addition, you must have reasonable grounds for why the application should be given priority. What can be regarded as reasonable grounds will be evaluated in the same manner as mentioned above.
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Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

In cases where NIPO has established cooperation agreements with other patent authorities (Patent Prosecution Highway), you can request priority processing of your application.

This applies to applications containing claims which are considered patentable by another patent authority. This presupposes that the other conditions in the PPH agreement are met.
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