How long does it take to process a patent application?

When can you expect an answer from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) to an application or letter.

Status for the 4-month period September-December 2019

Initial assessment of patent application

You can expect to receive an initial assessment of patentability within 7 months.

Our goal: 7 months


You can expect at least half of all first filings (first patent application regarding the invention), which are patentable, to be decided within 22 months.

Our goal: At least half of all first filings, which are patentable, will be decided within 22 months.

Validating European patents

You can expect your EP patent (European patent) to be validated within 3 months.

Our goal: 3 months

Opposition and administrative review

Opposition contests the validity of a decision to grant a patent.

Administrative review is when someone files a request with the NIPO to declare a patent fully or partly invalid.

In cases concerning opposition or administrative review you can expect to receive a final decision within 4 months after both parties have been heard.

Our goal in 2019: To decide a case within 2 months of the casing being sufficiently explained.

Customer satisfaction

63% of those who received an initial assessment concerning a patent in 2019 were satisfied with the NIPO.
(Satisfied: a score of 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5)

Our goal: 85% (measured annually)

Quality measurement with random testing

In 2019, 100% of all the applications we controlled had the right level of quality during the application process.

Our goal: 96% (measured annually)

PCT applications at the Nordic Patent Institute

You can expect PCT applications filed with the Nordic Patent Institute (ISA and IPEA) to be processed within the deadline set by the Institute.

Our goal: 98%


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