Filing your PCT application

In order to file your PCT application electronically we encourage you to use the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filing system ePCT or eOLF (Online Filing software) supplied by the European Patent Office (EPO).

PCT applications filed via ePCT and eOLF are eligible for a discount, depending on the format of the application. See our fees page for details.

Both systems are available throughout the day allowing you to file your application at your own convenience.

How to file under PCT

  1. The ePCT system is a quick way of filing international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), developed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).
  2. You can also use eOLF (Online Filing software) which is supplied by the European Patent Office (EPO) for filing with us as Receiving Office.

NB: These tools can only be used to file international PCT applications (PCT/RO/101 PCT Request) and cannot be used to file European (EP patents) and national patent applications at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. (Link to national application in Norway)

PCT applications filed through these two channels qualify for a discount/fee reduction depending on the document formats in the application.

Both ePCT and eOLF are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during pre-announced maintenance periods. This enables you to file the application whenever it suits you.

You can also file the application by post or as correspondence through Altinn.

Electronic filing through ePCT

ePCT private services

As an account holder, you have access through ePCT private services to all international applications that you hold or manage. You can also prepare and file new international patent applications through this service. If you prepare an international application through ePCT-Filing, most formal errors will be discovered prior to filing, and you will be able to correct these before the application is submitted.

You can also use the ePCT system to send electronic enquiries for various actions linked to your applications, and you have access to bibliographic data and documents contained in your international applications, including those that have not yet been published. This also applies to documents issued by a Receiving Office (RO) and international authorities (ISA and IPEA) provided a copy is sent to the international office of WIPO.

ePCT private services will additionally provide you with extra functionality to administer roles and portfolios and receive alerts from the system according to your own needs and preferences. This functionality may be useful for following up your own applications for you as an applicant or as a patent attorney for others.

Getting started with ePCT

Before using ePCT, you must register with WIPO as an ePCT user, set up an account and upload a digital certificate. You can do this from the ePCT website.

Further information on how to register for ePCT can be found on the WIPO website pages on filing, the ePCT user manual and Frequently Asked Questions.

Technical support

Technical support and help related to ePCT is available through WIPO's ePCT website pages or by sending an enquiry to

Filing by eOLF

eOLF must be ordered through the EPO website. You will receive a package in the post containing a smartcard and other things you need to install the software on your PC.

We recommend that you always use the latest version of the software. You can find this at any time on the EPO website - Online Filing

Smartcards and certificates

If you use eOLF to file electronic PCT applications, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office must register your smartcard before you can file the first application. You only need to register once.

Register here: Use Internet Explorer, and remember that the smartcard must be connected at the time of registration.

Technical support

EPO can be contacted through the EPO contact form and EPO customer service.

Conditions for electronic filing

Note that your electronic application is not deemed to have been lodged until we have received it on our server. You will receive an acknowledgement that we have received the application.

Method of payment

We will invoice fees for international applications to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office or Receiving Office. After you have sent your application, you will receive an invoice, which must be paid within one month.

PCT application form

If electronic filing is not possible, you can use the PDF form below and send the application by post or through Altinn.
PCT request form

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