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Nordic Patent Institute

Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) is a collaboration between patent authorities in Denmark, Norway and Iceland and has the status of PCT Authority.

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Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) offers applicants in Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden a local, competent, accessible and competitive PCT Authority in the international phase. The Institute performs novelty searches and preliminary patentability searches in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Nordic Patent Institute can not grant national patents.

By choosing the Nordic Patent Institute, Norwegian applicants are able to communicate with the examiner in Norwegian during the handling of the PCT application in the international phase. In addition, the applicant will be able to use the same Norwegian patent agent throughout the whole examination process, from the national application to the international phase for the PCT application. Applications may be written in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English.

If a PCT application has basis in a national first application filed in Norway, a different examiner will normally process the international application in order to provide a new assessment. However, you can help to minimize unnecessary duplication and reduce your costs by requesting that the national examination form the basis of the international investigation.

Nordic Patent Institute delivers the PCT international reports containing search results and patentability assessments with shorter deadlines than those offered by international search authorities. 

Nordic Patent Institute also performs a wide range of search services for customers in other countries. Preliminary search services for Norwegian companies and other customers fall outside the scope of the cooperation, and should be sent directly to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office as before. The Institute also offers an International Type Search (ITS) for national patent applications.

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