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The Health Industry - trends and perspectives

Patent landscape analysis: This report concerning the healthcare industry takes a closer look at the extent to which the four industry segments pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment and digital health, use patenting to protect their rights.

This patent landscape analysis of the Norwegian healthcare industry is a commission from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's owner, the Ministry of Trade and Industry. It has been prepared by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office with input from Menon Economics, the Directorate for e-Health and Stig Urheim, chief physician and researcher at Haukeland University Hospital.

The Norwegian health industry has in recent years grown considerably measured in turnover, value creation and number of jobs. It is considered one of the business sectors in Norway that will contribute to increasing the country's exports from mainland Norway up until 2030 and after. A lesser known fact is that the health industry's industrial rights have been important as a basis for this growth.

The report is in Norwegian: Helseindustrien - trender og perspektiver (PDF)

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