Prepare your application

A patent application should include a description of the invention, including drawings if necessary. The application must include patent claims and an abstract or short summary of the description and claims.

The application must include the following

  • Description: you must describe your invention in full and in such a manner that a trained person would be able to execute the invention based on this account. The description should also include examples showing different versions of the invention if this is relevant.
  • Patent claims: a patent claim is a definition in words of what you want to protect in the patent.
  • An abstract or short summary of the description and claims. The abstract serves as technical information and does not fulfill any function with regards to the protection of your invention.
  • Drawings: the application should also include drawings if this is necessary to understand the invention.

You may only apply for one invention in each application. If you have several inventions, you must file a new application for each invention.

You may not alter your application after it has been filed. It is therefore important that you describe the full extent of your invention at first filing.


Language in application: You can file your application in English or Norwegian. It is important to note that the language choice you make when filing your application with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) can not be changed. If you file your application in English, the patent will be granted in English. To obtain provisional protection for a patent application in English, you must translate the claims into Norwegian and they must be published by the NIPO.

Language in examination process: NIPO uses Norwegian in the examination process, but if the patent application is filed in English and you request the proceedings to be carried out in English, the proceedings shall be conducted in English. You may also request proceedings in English when you submit your application in Norwegian. In this case, NIPO will deliver written opinions and investigation report in English.

Provisional protection for your patent application

You receive provisional protection for your patent application once the application has been made publicly available, 18 months after you first submitted your application (or from the priority date). If you wish the application documents to be made public earlier than 18 months you will receive provisional protection from this earlier date.

If you file your application in English, the patent claims must be translated into Norwegian to obtain provisional protection.
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Document format for electronic applications

Choose a recommended format for your documents to make sure NIPO is able to open them.
More information on recommended file types (PDF)

Address for correspondence

Both Norwegian and foreign applicants must provide the Norwegian Industrial Property Office with an address to which correspondence can be sent. This applies to both national and international applications, and also to holders of international registrations valid in Norway.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to have a representative living in Norway. In such cases, correspondence will be sent to the representative's address.
For a list of professional patent agents, check the website Rådgiverdatabasen, or use Google. 

Need help to formulate your application?

Patenting is a complicated field where it is easy to make mistakes. If you have limited experience with patenting or limited time to work on your application, you should consider using a professional patent agency or patent attorney. A patent agency can help you prepare and formulate your patent application. Strict requirements and deadlines apply. A patent agency will assist you in monitoring these deadlines, and various payments such as annual fees.

A list of professional patent agents can be found on the website Rådgiverdatabasen (in Norwegian only) or on Google.

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File your application

Apply for a patent in Norway


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