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Preliminary Search Service

You have a new idea – it may be a technical solution, a new trademark or a design no one has thought of before. A preliminary search can provide you with important information for the future development of your product. The preliminary search service is a paid service.

Make the right decisions

If you are to make the right decisions, you need to ask the right questions, - and you should do this as early on in the process as possible.

Our services are divided into categories: patents, trademarks and designs. If you have other requirements than those listed, please contact us and let us know what you need. We have engineers, lawyers, librarians and experienced experts, ready to supply you with important information – to help you make the right decisions.

And the best of all - you will receive this information within a few days!

Order a preliminary search

You can order a preliminary search for trademarks, patents and designs. For reasons of security and traceability, we recommend that Norwegian residents and companies operating in Norway use the online form in Altinn.
NB: The preliminary search service is a paid service.
Order a preliminary search


We are bound to observe professional secrecy and will handle your enquiry confidentially.

ISO Certification

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office's search services are ISO-certified under the international standard certification system.


Our searches are carried out in publicly available information. The result of the report you receive from us is not binding for the subsequent processing of an application by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

In some cases, we may not be able to carry out the search you have requested. For example, if the search is linked to a lawsuit.

Check our database

It is also possible to check the our database yourself using our Search Service. There you will find all publicly available information about trademarks, patents and designs in Norway - completely free.
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Are you considering other markets than Norway or need to find out if an invention is new? Check our list of international databases that are free of charge.
Search international databases

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