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Initial Patent Search

Do you want relevant and cost-effective data capture?

When conducting a database search as a patent adviser in order to check the novelty of an invention, it is important to include all patents and other literature that may block the progress of the invention.

Skill, search methodology and which databases are used may have a crucial bearing on what result you obtain.

When an initial patent search is made at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, a professional patent examiner will do the work, using the best facilities and tools to find relevant material.

You can use this service if you want to:

  • assess whether an invention is new
  • obtain a good basis for a well prepared patent application
  • evaluate "Invention Disclosures"


An initial patent search will provide you with a listing of related and possibly overlapping inventions that have been patented or for which patent applications have been filed. Our patent examiner can also sort cases according to how relevant they are to the invention concerned.

The product is intended to be a cost-effective service, and is designed for experts in patent law who can continue to interpret and process the search result independently.

An initial search does not contain a complete assessment of novelty. For this purpose we recommend "Novelty Search" or "Patentability Assessment" (link coming).

Additional examination

If you want a further search or examination after an initial patent search, we will be pleased to offer this under a more detailed agreement.

What databases do we search in?

Our case officers use databases and tools to which only national patent offices have access.

We search in publicly available information. This means, among other things, that national and international patent applications that are within the secrecy period of 18 months cannot be included in the assessments.

Price and delivery

You can agree on the scope and budget for the search in advance. The delivery time is no more than 10 working days from time of order.

The price and delivery time for the preliminary examination depend on the size of the assignment.
See under "Initial patent search" in the price list.

After you have placed an order, the patent examiner will contact you to clarify the assignment in more detail.

You can place an order in several ways.
Read more about how to send us your order.


We observe the statutory duty of secrecy in all preliminary examinations, and treat purchases of preliminary examinations confidentially.

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