Search session with expert help

Do you have a good idea? Search for similar technology together with one of our experts.

If you are developing new technology, it is a good idea to check out what already exists of similar technology. Make an appointment with one of our expert patent examiners here at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) and get help to search relevant databases early in the innovation process. By doing this you will find out whether similar technology has already been made public.

Find technical information with our help - a customized search

You can take a meeting with us here at our office in Oslo, or we can arrange a meeting online. You will receive two hours of search help and technical information from a patent examiner who is an expert in your field.

Send us a good description of the technology, technical terms and other relevant information before the meeting.

Content and quality

We start the search session by talking about the technology concerned or your product. You contribute with expert knowledge, keywords and terms, information about competitors and other known technology. In this way, the search session will give you results that are best adapted to your needs.

During the search, you will gain knowledge of patents within your field and a better knowledge of the market. Our patent examiner will explain complex concepts and help you along the way, so you learn to evaluate the information you find.

The combination of our joint expertise and good search tools provides the best conditions for finding relevant material. Together, we will evaluate the information we find, and use it to search for other more relevant documents within your field. The search will provide you with information about whether or not similar technology already exists.

During the meeting, you will learn to use the right keywords to find similar technology or products in patent databases and other relevant literature on the web. This is useful knowledge if you later want to investigate on your own.

After the meeting, you will receive the result with links to patent documents that we found during the search session. This result can be crucial for the further development and innovation of your technology.

Which databases do we use?

Our patent examiners use a search tool that quickly retrieves relevant documents and displays the search results in an interactive and efficient manner. As a patent authority, we have access to patent databases that cover most of the world.

Checklist for ordering

To ensure that your meeting with an expert patent examiner is as effective as possible, please send us the following information in advance. If you have questions regarding how to forward this information to us without compromising it, please contact our Customer Service Centre - +47 22 38 73 00.

  • Title or subject of invention or technology
  • Owner of invention or technology
  • A short description of the technology or product you wish to examine (max 150 words).
  • Drawings, sketches, links or the like, if any.
  • Information on terms and other relevant technical concepts.
  • What makes your invention or technology special?
  • Where can you apply it?
  • Names of competitors or partners, if any.

Ordering and delivery

Once we have received your order, the patent examiner will contact you to arrange the meeting. You will receive the results no later than the first business day after the search session was completed.

We have a fixed price for this preliminary search. See "Search Session with Expert Help" in the price list.

How to order a search session

Confidential treatment

We process and carry out all preliminary investigations according to the statutory duty of confidentiality.

Thank you for your feedback! If you need an answer, call +47 22 38 73 00 and talk to our Customer Service Centre.
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