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Validity Search

Can the patent be upheld?

If you suspect that a foreign patent has been granted on an incorrect basis, there may be good grounds for having it examined to see whether the patent can actually be upheld.

With a re-examination, you can ascertain whether there is information that can be used to contest competitors' patent rights in cases of infringement, legal disputes or objections.

Content and quality

We will search for documents that may be relevant to contesting the validity of the patent, or specific functions in one or more patent claims. Our examiner in the specialist field will look for any new documents that may be of relevance to patentability. This is done by building on searches done previously, and at the same time searching in different databases than in the previous examination and with new methods.

You can also use a validity search to ensure that your own patents have been granted on a correct basis, or in licensing, purchase and sale.

The report from us will also provide you with an overview of current patents or patent applications that have been found, classified by relevance.

In addition, the case officer will provide more detailed references to relevant parts of the documents. We can also prepare a "claim chart" showing overlaps between known technology and what you have described.

We carry out qualitative examinations in all areas of technology, with access to many, advanced database tools, and are well qualified to find relevant material.


We do not provide assessments of or statements on whether patents can be regarded as valid or not. The report we supply is intended as a basis for further analysis of whether a patent or patent claim can be contested.

We therefore recommend using other patent expertise in further interpretation and strategy.

We do not offer validity searches for Norwegian, Danish or Icelandic patents or patent applications.

What databases do we search in?

Our case officers use databases and tools to which only national patent offices have access.

We search in publicly available information. This means, among other things, that national and international patent applications that are within the secrecy period of 18 months cannot be included in the assessments.

Ordering and delivery

You will usually receive the preliminary examination within 10 working days. 

The price of the preliminary examination depends on the size of the assignment.
See under "Validity search" in the price list .

After you have placed an order, the case officer will contact you to clarify the assignment more closely.

You can place an order in several ways.
Read more about how to send us your order.


We observe the statutory duty of secrecy in all preliminary examinations, and treat purchases of preliminary examinations confidentially.

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