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Registrability - trademark

Do you want an assessment of whether your trademark can be registered?

If you want to protect your name or logo with a trademark registration, it is advantageous first to check whether the trademark fulfils the requirements. This preliminary examination will provide you, within a few days, with an assessment of whether the trademark can be registered in Norway.

Assessment early in the process

If you check whether there any obstacles to registering the trademark early in the naming process, you will have an opportunity to make necessary changes.

The name or logo must be distinctive, differ from the distinguishing marks of others and fulfil other requirements set out in the Trademarks Act to enable it to be registered as a trademark.

Content and quality

  • You will receive a technical assessment of whether the trademark can be registered in Norway. We check whether there any similar registered trademarks or trademark applications, or other obstacles in the Trademarks Act.
  • The assessment does not include unregistered trademarks that are used in Norway. We therefore recommend that you also check other sources, such as the Brønnøysund Register Centre ( for company names and Norid ( for domain names. In addition, you should search online to see whether the word you wish to have registered is being used by others.
  • Please note that ordering this preliminary examination does not include trademark registration. To register the trademark, you must submit a separate application for trademark registration.

Which databases do we search in?

The searches are performed using professional search methodology. We use databases and tools to which only national patent offices have access. We search in publicly available information. The result of the preliminary search is not binding for the Norwegian Industrial Property Office if you should send in an application at a later date.

Ordering and delivery

You will usually receive the preliminary examination within four working days. 

The price of the preliminary examination depends on the size of the assignment.
See under "Registrability Assessment" in the price list.

You can place an order in several ways.
Read more about how to send us your order.


We observe the statutory duty of secrecy in all preliminary examinations, and treat purchases of preliminary examinations confidentially.

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