Priority certificates and certified copies

You can order and receive priority documents and certified copies electronically with the stamp and signature of the Director General of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

A priority document is a copy of the first documents submitted with your application.

A certified copy is a copy of trademark, design and patent applications or rights contained in our register.

Example of a priority document (PDF)
Example of a certified trademark application (in Norwegian) (PDF)

Ordering and payment

To order copies send an e-mail to: Transfer NOK 300 at the same time to our bank giro account 8276 01 00192. We will not send an invoice for this amount.

We send documents and certified copies within 10 working days after we have received your payment.
Express orders: Please mark express orders with "Express" in the subject line.

It is also possible to use our online order form if you have a Norwegian ID-number and are able to use the Altinn-portal. The online order form is in Norwegian.  


We send priority documents and certified copies electronically. If you are an Altinn customer with us, we will send the documents via Altinn. If you are not an Altinn customer with us, we will send the documents via email. If you want a paper printout of the electronic document, you can print it yourself.

We send applications that are not yet publicly available via Altinn or on paper.

GCC countries (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) require notarial confirmation or legalisation in order for priority documents and certified copies to be considered valid. The United States, China, Japan, India and Iran also require original documents.
We send documents with an original stamp and signature for the countries where this is required. NB! You must specify this in your order.

If you would like information about notarial confirmation and legalisation, you can read this on the government website (

Trademark cases

Classes for trademark cases are in Norwegian. We do not translate classes into English as only the Norwegian version is valid in Norway. If you need an English version, please send a translation of classes to us along with your order and we will confirm that the translation is correct.

To find the correct English classes, we recommend that you use the Product Selector. This tool can be used to translate selected terms from Norwegian to English and vice versa. You choose the goods and services in the Product Selector and click save/translate. The Norwegian text will then be translated into English.


  • Priority certificate / certified copy: NOK 300

Copy Service

We can also provide you with copies of applications and other case documents.
More information about our Copy Service

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