Application process for a trademark

After you have filed your application to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, you can track it in our search service, where all publicly available documents in your application can be found.

Follow your case

You can follow your case and find publicly available documents concerning your application in our Search Service. Search by using your application or registration number.

Paying for your application

You can easily pay when filing your application via Altinn. Alternatively, we can send you an invoice for the application fee within 10 working days after you have filed your application. You will be given a time limit of 4 weeks to pay. If you do not pay within that period, the application will be shelved.

Not all applications lead to a trademark registration. Please note that you are paying for processing the application, not for your trademark being registered.

Sending a letter in an application or registration?

We recommend that you use the form for correspondence in Altinn. You will receive a receipt immediately.

If you are unable to use Altinn for any reason, you can send an e-mail to

Case processing

  • If your application contains errors or deficiencies, we will contact you so that you have an opportunity to correct the error within a specified time limit.
  • We examine whether there any obstacles to being able to register your trademark. If there are no obstacles, we will register the trademark within 4-6 months from the time of filing (estimated processing time as of 1 January 2018). Processing time is 3 weeks if you file your application using the application guide, pay when filing, and choose goods and services from the Product Selector.
  • If we find obstacles to registration, we will send you a letter concerning this within 4-6 months, or 3 weeks if you apply using the application guide (estimated processing time as of 1 January 2018). We call this a written opinion. A written opinion is an assessment and not a final decision. If you disagree with our assessment, you must send us a reply within the specified time limit with grounds for your point of view. During processing of the application we will mainly communicate with you by letter. You can also request oral proceedings.
  • If someone has a trademark that can be confused with yours, you can ask for consent from the holder of this mark. Read more about obtaining consent.
  • If your case has been rejected, we will respond to correspondence from you within 4-6 months. If you and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office fail to reach agreement, you or we can take the initiative for the case to be taken up for a decision. The decision will be reached within 4-6 months after this (estimated processing time as of 1 January 2018). If you have filed your application using the application guide, and fill the conditions for 3 weeks processing time, we will reply to your correspondance within 3 weeks.
  • If the Norwegian Industrial Property Office rejects your trademark application, you can appeal against this decision to the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights (

Faster processing

If you would like your application to be processed faster, you can use the application guide or you can request oral proceedings .

Can others see your application?

You should be aware that your application and all documents in the case are public from the day you file the application. The fact that an application for registration of a trademark has been made cannot be kept secret. Nor can you require that reproduction of the trademark, information concerning the applicant, or the products or services for which an application has been made, be kept secret.

If you are planning on applying for design protection, you should therefore do this before applying for trademark registration, because an application for a trademark will mean making the design public.

Sensitive information

If you would like the Norwegian Industrial Property Office to keep particular documents secret, you must inform us accordingly at the same time as filing the documents. We will normally not accept information of significance to the outcome of the case being exempt from being made public. If only a part of the document contains sensitive information, you can delete the information yourself before submitting the documents. Be aware that requests to exempt documents from being made public will delay case processing.

The reproduction of the trademark, the list of products or services and information about the holder will be available in the register even after the trademark application has been withdrawn or the trademark registration has expired or been deleted.

Splitting of applications and registrations

You can request that the trademark application or registration be split into two or more applications or registrations. This may be relevant if we cannot register the application for some of the goods on your list, or if, for example, some of the goods on the list are to be transferred to others.

Objections to the trademark application

Everyone has the option of lodging a protest to your trademark application at any time during the processing of the application. This means that anyone can draw our attention to the fact that they consider there to be grounds for not registering the trademark. If this happens, you will be informed and will have an opportunity to respond to the objection. Read more about protest.

Registration and publishing of the trademark

  • If the conditions for granting your registration are met, we will register your trademark. We will send you confirmation of your exclusive right within 15 working days after registration.
  • We will publish the registration in the official trademarks gazette "Norsk varemerketidende". Norsk varemerketidende is published weekly on our website.

Objections to a trademark registration

  • Everyone has the option of submitting an objection to the registration of your trademark for 3 months from the date of publishing in Norsk varemerketidende. This means that anyone can draw our attention to the fact that they believe there to be grounds for not registering your trademark. If this happens, you will be informed and will have an opportunity to respond to the objection. The objection may lead to the registration being wholly or partially cancelled.
    Read more about objections.
  • After the time limit for an objection has expired, others can continue to test the validity of your registration by administrative review, for example on the basis of lack of use or degeneration of the trademark.
    Read more about administrative review.

Appeal options

If you disagree with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's decision or if your registration is to be cancelled, you can appeal against this decision to the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights. The time limit for appeals is two months from the date when the decision is sent. You will then have to pay an appeal fee. An appeal against the decision by the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights can be lodged in the courts.

Cancellation of the registration as a result of an application received later with better priority

For a period after registration, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office may receive new applications which, on the basis of international obligations, may have better priority than your trademark. These are trademarks that have an application date from another country and where the applicant has applied in new countries within a period of 6 months. If the Norwegian Industrial Property Office receives such an application that is identical to or can be confused with your trademark, and this has an application date from another country that is earlier in time than the date on which you applied for a trademark in Norway, the outcome may be that your registration has to be cancelled. This happens very rarely.

Do you wish to apply for trademark registration abroad?

If you wish to protect your trademark in other countries, you must apply directly in each country or use an international application system. It is important that you apply abroad before six months has elapsed since you filed your application in Norway. You will then obtain what is known as "priority", which means that protection comes into effect at the same time as in Norway.

Changes in the registration

If you have a new address or other changes occur, you must inform us accordingly. We recommend that you use our form for changes in the trademark register. As the forms are in Norwegian, you can alternatively send us an e-mail. Changes to the trademark register (our database) are made within 15 working days after we have received notification.

Renewing your trademark registration

To maintain the registration, you must pay a fee every 10 years. The fee must be paid by the specified deadline or at the earliest one year beforehand. You choose yourself how long you wish to maintain the trademark registration.

Copy of your or others' trademark registration

You can order a certified copy of your own or others' trademark application or registration. The confirmation will be sent within 10 working days after we have received the fee. You can use the document as a priority document or to document your rights, for example in relation to someone who is abusing your trademark.

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