Extended deadlines

If you are not able to respond to our letter within the time limit we have given you, you can ask for an extension.

Important information about extending deadlines

  • All requests for deadline extensions will be answered by letter with a new deadline.
  • First and second deadline: No need for any reason for the extension. Each deadline is six months.
  • From the third deadline: the deadline request must be substantiated.
  • Each deadline extension from the third deadline is three months.
  • The total number of deadline extensions granted by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office will be assessed on the basis of each individual case. 
  • The new practice applies to both national and international trademark applications.

Extension of deadline for submitting power of attorney

We can grant you a one (1) month deadline calculated from the date of expiry of the original deadline. We will not normally grant further deadlines for the submission of power of attorney.

Extension of deadline in objection cases

In objection cases, we require a reason from the first request for a deadline extension. Each extension is for one (1) month. In these cases we will always inform the other party if we grant an extension.

Examples of reasons we can accept

  • You are in negotiation on consents and need time to obtain consents.
  • You need time to collect evidence of establishment by use.

Examples of reasons we do not accept

  • Taking holidays
  • The representative is waiting for instructions from the client.

If no reason is given or the reason is inadequate

You will receive a letter with a one (1) month deadline to either submit a new reason or to reply to our statement. If we receive adequate reasons for the deadline request within this deadline, we will grant a new extension calculated from the expiry of the previous deadline for the case. The deadline of one month does not therefore mean a further extension. On the other hand, if we do not receive a reply or adequate reasons for an extension before the deadline expires, the case will be shelved.
There is no right of appeal against any rejection of a request for a deadline extension. See Section 49 of the Trademarks Act.

How to request an extension

Send a letter or e-mail to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, or through Altinn (correspondence to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office), marking the enquiry "deadline extension".
Deadlines for trademarks and collective marks

Continued processing

If you have not complied with the specified deadline, you may, in some cases, request that your application be taken up for processing again.
Read more about the possibility of continued processing

Regulatory framework

See Regulations on fees

We do not grant deadline extensions to correct formal deficiencies, such as non-payment of fees. We do not grant deadline extensions for statutory deadlines (for example deadline for resumption, see Section 23 of the Trademarks Act).


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