Professional assistance in the application process (trademark)

A professional patent agency (or patent attorney) can assist you in preparing your trademark application and keeping track of important deadlines and payments.

A patent agent is, as a rule, an expert in all forms of intellectual property rights, including trademarks.

Norwegian applicants in Norway

You are not obliged to use a patent agent or professional representative in Norway. We will send all correspondence to you as the applicant or holder if you have not nominated a representative in the case. Correspondence from us will be mainly in Norwegian.

Applying in other countries

If you are going to apply for trademark protection in other countries, you can use the international application scheme known as the Madrid Protocol, or file an application directly to the EUIPO (EU's trademark authority). It is not necessary to use a patent agent, but applying for a trademark in other countries may be complicated and expensive. You should therefore consider using a professional representative throughout the process, also when filing your application in Norway.

NB: If the Norwegian application lapses during the course of a 5-year period, the international application will also lapse. In such cases it is possible to convert the international application to a national application in accordance with the regulatory framework in each country in which you wish to obtain trademark protection.

Foreign applicants

Foreign applicants are not obliged to use a patent agent or professional representative in Norway, but all communication between the Norwegian Industrial Property Office and the applicant will take place in Norwegian.

Listing of professional patent agencies

For a listing of the various patent agencies and ways in which they can assist you, you can use the professional adviser database on the website (This website is in Norwegian)

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