When do we put the processing of a trademark application on hold?

The most common reason for suspending the processing of a trademark application is that we have older applications with similar marks that are still being processed.

Trademarks in older applications may prevent the registration of marks in applications received at a later date. In such cases we normally put the processing of the most recent application on hold until we have made a decision concerning the application or registration which has better priority.

We may also put the proceedings on hold when similar or parallel cases are being processed by the Norwegian Board of Appeal (KFIR) or the courts. This applies if the outcome of the appeal process in KFIR or the court hearing can affect the outcome of the case we are currently processing, in all respects or in part.

The reason for putting a case on hold is the principle of "first in time - first in right" and the desire for an efficient case management process.

The decision to suspend the case does not apply, for example, if the patent agent is only waiting for consent in a case where the Norwegian Industrial Property Office has found other references, or if the patent agent is awaiting further instructions from the applicant. In such cases the agent must ask for a deadline extension.

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