Thank you for your trademark application

Important information about how we process your application.

What happens now?

If you have selected products from the product selector in your application, you will receive a reply within 3 weeks letting you know if we can register your trademark or not. If you have entered your own custom-defined products, the processing time will be 4-6 months.

If your application is in order, we will publish the registration in the Norwegian Official Trademarks Gazette (Varemerketidende) and send you a registration certificate. However, if we find obstacles to registering the mark, you will receive what we call a "first statement".

Letter in connection with an application or registration

A "first statement" is an assessment and not a final decision. If you disagree with our review, please send us an answer explaining your view within the stated deadline.

For all written communication, we recommend that you use the form for correspondence in Altinn: Correspondence to the NIPO. You will receive a receipt immediately. If you can not use Altinn for various reasons, you can send an email to

Important deadlines

It is important that you reply to letters from us within the stated deadlines. Failure to comply with the deadlines will result in your application being shelved. If you need additional time to respond to our letters, it is possible to ask for an extension before the original deadline expires.

Trademark protection outside Norway

If you wish to protect your trademark in other countries, you must apply directly to each country, or use an international application system. It is important that you apply abroad within six months of filing your application in Norway. This will give you so-called "priority", which means you get protection from the same date as in Norway. It is your responsibility to follow up this deadline.
Read more about trademark protection outside Norway

Follow your case in the NIPO database

Normally your application will be published in our database 48 hours after we have received it. Please note that all written communication related to your application is open and visible to anyone.

In our Search Service,, you can follow the application process in your own and others' applications and registrations when these become publicly available. You can also set up an alert ( to notify you when there are developments in the case or when the renewal date for your trademark is approaching. You can also see which fees have been paid in the case and which ones are due for payment.

Warning against misleading invoices

Only the NIPO may claim payment for this application. Do not pay if you receive invoices related to the application from anyone other than us. Misuse of data from public records is an increasing problem. If you are unsure, contact our Customer Service Centre (telephone +47 22 38 73 00). Read more here: Warning against misleading invoices.

Do you need help?

The NIPO is a neutral, government authority that assigns rights. Guidance and advice from us will be primarily linked to the processing of your application. Contact our Customer Service Centre at +47 22 38 73 00.

If you need individual and strategic advice, we recommend using a patent attorney, IPR advisor or other private actors who are experts in the field. See the list on (in Norwegian).

Application process: More information about the application process

Change of address: Remember to let us know if you change address. Use the form in Altinn.

Acts and regulations: In the trademark area

Keep up-to-dateCourses and meetings organised by the NIPO

Thank you for your feedback! If you need an answer, call +47 22 38 73 00 and talk to our Customer Service Centre.
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