Apply for a trademark in Norway

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2. Types of trademarks

You must choose which type of trademark you wish to apply for, such as plain text or a logo/figure. This may affect whether it is possible to register your trademark or not, and may also affect what kind of protection you receive.

You may apply for several types of trademarks, but remember that you can only submit one mark per application.

The most common types are:

  • Word mark - this gives you the sole right to use one or more words. If you have the rights to a word mark, you can use it in different layouts.
  • Figurative mark- gives you the sole rights to a figure/logo without text
  • Combined mark - gives you the sole rights to a combination of text and figure. In this case it is the whole mark you get rights to, and not necessarily to the logo or text by themselves.

You can only apply for registration of one mark at a time in one application.

To apply, click on the green button at the bottom left: "Start or continue trademark application".

Collective marks and non-conventional trademarks

If you wish to apply for a collective mark or non-conventional trademark (such as a soundmark or a three-dimensional trademark), you must use our application form in Altinn.
Apply via Altinn 
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Responsibility marks

Articles of gold, silver, or platinum which are marked with a standard of purity (hallmark), should also be stamped with a responsibility mark. You register your responsibility mark at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.
Apply via Altinn
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