Apply for a trademark in Norway

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5. What does it cost?

To apply for trademark registration costs NOK 2900, and includes one class. The application fee covers our processing of the application, and will not be refunded even if the application is rejected or withdrawn.

If you choose goods or services in excess of one class, you must pay an additional fee of NOK 750 for each additional class (the price is calculated along the way as you complete the application). You can select several products within the same class.

You pay when you file your application.
Click on the button "Start new trademark application".

Paying by invoice instead of online

If you prefer to pay by invoice instead of paying online, you must use our application form in Altinn. Please note that processing time will then take significantly longer. 
Apply via Altinn 
If short processing time is important for you, you should use the application guide - click on the button "Start new trademark application".

Renewing your registration

If we register your trademark, the registration is valid for 10 years. After that you can choose to renew your exclusive right by paying a renewal fee.
For more information on what that costs, see the price list.
Information on how to renew your registration



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