EU trademark

If you are planning on using your trademark in several EU countries, send an application to the EUIPO, the European Union trademark authority.

You can obtain trademark protection in all 28 member states by sending only one application.

More information on EU trademarks, and how to apply at the EUIPO website.

Please note that owners of both national registrations in individual countries, and owners of EU registrations, might raise objections to the registration. If the objection is upheld, your registration will fall in all EU countries. If this happens, you have the option to convert your application into national applications to individual EU countries.

What does it cost to apply for EU trademark?

The cost depends on how many classes of goods and/or services you are applying for. It is cheapest to file your application electronically.

Information on fees can be found at the EUIPO website. You will also find a fee calculator there.

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