How to apply for international trademark registration

You apply through the website of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  1. Complete the form MM2, which can be found on the WIPO website. Guidance on completing an international trademark application can be found here. The form should be sent to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office by post, email or through the online channel Altinn. If you choose the correspondence form in Altinn, you must enter the name of the form you are attaching as rights number (for example "MM2"), and specify the Norwegian application number in the "What does the enquiry apply to?" field. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us (See our contact information).
  2. You will receive an invoice for NOK 800 from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). The invoice must be paid by the deadline, otherwise we will consider the application not to have been received. This is called a forwarding fee.
  3. If the NIPO finds deficiencies in your application, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to rectify the deficiencies within a particular period of time.
  4. You will receive notification (usually by e-mail) that the NIPO has forwarded your application to WIPO. You should now pay the international fees to WIPO. See information on how to pay below.
  5. WIPO will check that the application satisfies the formal requirements. It will check among other things that the specification of goods and services is clear and is correctly classified, and that the international fees have been paid. If WIPO finds deficiencies in the application, it will send a deficiency letter. You must respond to deficiency letters concerning goods and services via the NIPO.
  6. WIPO will register the trademark in the international system. You will receive a registration certificate with an international registration number. This certificate does not provide protection in itself. At this stage the trademark has only been registered at WIPO and has not gained protection. Trademark protection is decided upon and granted by each individual designated country.
  7. The application is processed in each of the countries you have chosen. The authorities will send you a letter stating that the trademark has either been deemed valid or refused registration in their countries. A letter of refusal will contain information about the opportunity you have to make changes to the application, and a time limit within which to do so. Countries may have different practices regarding what they accept in the specification of goods and services.

Deadline for applying with priority

If you have filed an application in Norway and are considering applying in other countries, it is to your advantage if you apply abroad within 6 months after the date when you filed the application in Norway.
Read more about the deadline for applying with priority

More information about payment of international fees

You must pay all fees, except the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's forwarding charge, to WIPO in Swiss francs. You calculate the amount of fee payable using the WIPO fees calculator.

You will not receive an invoice for the fees, but should pay the amount directly to the WIPO account. The account number and other payment information can be found on the MM2 form, or on the WIPO website.
You will find information on payment on the WIPO website.

To make sure that WIPO is able to link the incoming payment to the correct application, it is important to enter sufficient information together with the payment. State which form the payment applies to (MM2), and the application or registration numbers of the Norwegian application or registration.

If WIPO has not received the fee when the processing of the application begins, it will send a deficiency letter. You will be given a time limit of three months in which to pay, and processing of the application will stop in the meantime. If you wish to avoid delays, you should pay the fees at the latest when you receive notification that the NIPO has forwarded your application to WIPO.
See also "Warning against misleading invoices" 

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