Check if a trademark is owned by others

Before you file a trademark application, it is a good idea to check if the same or similar trademarks already exist.

Check if others have registered a similar name or logo

You may be spending time and money on developing a logo, or using it, for example in advertising materials, letter heads or other printed matter. You cannot register a trademark when others already hold a registration or have applied for one.

Check our database:
A search in our database gives you access to publicly available informasjon on Norwegian registered trademarks and trademark applications. The database is free of charge and open to all users.

"Name Search": Domain, company name and trademark - in one search easy to check if both a domain, company name and trademark are available - all three in one search.

Register the domain first, then the company name and then the trademark. The order may be important for restricting name conflicts and name mapping.

Company name: You can also visit the website of the Brønnøysund Business Register to check if the name is used as a business name.

Domain: To see if the name is in use as a domain name by someone else, you can also check Norid maintains the central database of all Norwegian domain names under the .no domain.

We can carry out a preliminary search for you

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office carries out fast, reasonably priced investigations on your behalf and can also assess the results. Preliminary investigations are confidential and may be useful regardless of whether you plan to file an application for trademark registration.


If your trademark is likely to be confused with another trademark, it may nevertheless be possible to get consent from the owner to use it.

Publication of your application

Please note that the application and all documents in the case are publicly available from the filing date. It is not possible to keep a trademark application secret. Nor is it posssible to keep secret a description of the mark, information about the applicants or which goods or services are being applied for.

Therefore, if you plan to apply for design protection, you should do this before you apply for trademark registration, as a trademark application will involve publishing the design.

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